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Ty Ma Chum was born in a refugee camp in Thailand after his family had fled the civil war in Cambodia some years prior. Ty’s earliest memories are eating noodles with his family with his whole family in the camp. In 1990, Ty's family immigrated to the United States, living briefly in Tennessee before moving to Lowell, Massachusetts. Ty obtained United States citizenship in January 2008. 

Lowell has been home to Ty for three decades. He attended Greenhale Elementary, Rogers Middle, and Lowell High public schools. Ty also attended Middlesex Community College and later UMass Lowell where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Having lived in many areas of Lowell including the Acre, Centralville, and Pawtucketville, Ty currently resides  in the Highlands with his wife and three children. Ty enjoys spending time with his family often eating noodles the same way he did thirty years ago. He also practices his cooking skills with them as they relish traditional Khmer, Thai, and Chinese dishes. 

Ty’s politics stem from a desire to build safe and healthy communities and a deep empathy for families who have experienced violence. He holds strong values of helping others and building community, which he tracks back to his father who was a United Nations officer in the refugee camp. Ty has early memories of his father protecting and supporting families who lived in the camp. 

As a young Lowellian, Ty dreamed about being an astronomer who explored space and stars. Although Ty did not have the support required to pursue these educational dreams, he wishes to support the future of children who dare to dream, creating pathways for next generations, and giving them choices versus struggles-- which he believes will change the narrative for so many Lowell youth. 

Ty's routinely gives back to his community through his experience in community organizing and his small business. Three years ago, Ty began hosting a free indoor basketball group for young people where they had access to mentorship and safe, healthy opportunities to develop athletically, socially, and mentally. Additionally, Ty has organized public opioid awareness events, led several healthy masculinity workshops, and engaged men and boys in violence prevention, through his affiliation with Lowell anti-violence and anti-oppression nonprofits. 


Ty aspires to lead similar efforts from a public office seat. He believes that there is a lot to love about Lowell from its history, art and culture, to the diversity of its people. Ty invites you to be a part of his story and his campaign and engage yourself, your community, and make positive contributions.